This white wine from the Chalk Hill AVA in Sonoma County is a rock-solid Chardonnay to have in your wine cellar and glass. From the golden straw color to the aromas of apple and apricot, your tastebuds just might get goosebumps in anticipation for this beautiful Chardonnay. There is a little bit of spice in there along with a light hint of vanilla.  It presents like a full-bodied wine and does pack a respectable amount of minerality as well.  Savor every sip because you will want to thoroughly enjoy the light butter and creamy finish of this lovely white wine. Outstanding to sip on its own or pair with food. You cannot go wrong with this one.

This late spring freeze survivor will surprise you with many delightful aromas and flavors to brighten your day. It has a deep dark red hue that beacons on to explore the beauty further.  This wine entices with black fruit aromas that will excite your senses regarding what is in store for your palate.  A bit of chocolate is discernable mingled with a touch of spice. An underlying earthiness adds that extra dimension to the profile that is soul satisfying. The tannins are still holding quite firmly for this full-bodied red along with bright acids.  It is still a great bottle to cellar for many more years if you have some. Of course, there is also nothing wrong with enjoying a bottle now to make notes to compare with a future tasting opportunity either. Cheers!

If you want some nice dark fruit notes with your Montepulciano, then this Texas High Plains AVA from 2017 is your baby.  Sourced from Oswald Vineyard, the deep plum colored wine with blackberry and cherry aromas are quite pleasing. Be prepared because this beast is very dry.  Leather and spice will be the predominant palate sensations for this medium bodied red wine. The finish is subtle and seduces you into another sip. Quite the delight to enjoy right now. Salute!

Behold…. The Oracle.  This legendary label brand from Miner has always had a solid reputation for some fantastic Bordeaux style blends.  The 2015 vintage is their 20th anniversary release.  Marking this special occasion is an elegant blend of Cabernet Sauvignon 55%, Merlot 26%, Cabernet Franc 13%, Malbec 3%, and Petit Verdot 3%.  Sourced from Stagecoach Vineyard, this Napa Valley AVA fruit pours with a dark garnet color and fills the air with a lovely bouquet of dark cherries. Add raspberries to your note list along with some leather and tobacco. Hanging in there at 14.6% abv, the high alcohol content blends in quite nicely with those flavors of blackberries and plums, too. You will be pleased with the silkiness and the underlying earthiness of this medium bodied red wine. The tannins will firmly envelop your palate as you note that light peppery finish. This red blend jewel certainly has great structure and is very well balanced. This lovely wine is worthy of hanging out a bit longer in the cellar. Let’s see how it drinks in the coming years. Cheers!

Made from some “ancient” Texas vines from Newsom Vineyards of the Texas High Plains AVA, this 46-month aged Tempranillo is more than worth the wait.  It bleeds or rather pours a deep blood red color, and you can almost instantly smell the aromas of blackberry and dark plum with a little tobacco on the nose. You will probably want to decant for two hours for optimal experience, but after waiting this long that’s a blink of an eye. Those deep fruit flavors are something to savor! As you relish the mouthfeel and notes, you may discern a little nutmeg on the finish for this full-bodied beast. Sadly, these old vines are no more, so cherish what you have. With great textures and bold acids, full indulgence is recommended for this outstanding Texas Tempranillio. This is still cellaring nicely if you have bottles. Santé!

Just the sight of these fine bubbles during the pour is a sign of great things to come for this Italian bubbly. In addition to the “fizz” visual effects, the air will fill with the delicate essence of honey.  Green apples and a little bit of ripe grapefruit will excite your palate as you sip and enjoy every “ahhh” moment. This is not the sweet version, but a lovely slightly dry, crisp, elegant, and very refreshing bottle. Simply stated, this is an excellent Spumante sipper to enjoy all day for any meal, or on its own.  Cin Cin!

This red wine blend has always been a rock-solid go-to Texas wine for your favorite BBQ feast.  2017 certainly added to the intensely rich flavors of this vintage and does not disappoint your wine senses.  At 5 years old, it pours with a lighter red hue than previous releases and still packs some good fruit forward notes.  Aromas of plum and strawberry are most pronounced for this 50/50 Mourvèdre-Syrah blend.  It’s smooth on the palate with a silky finish for this dry beast.  There is a bit of spice in there, as well. Tannins are about medium for optimal enjoyment. Your outdoor meaty dish awaits and will be delighted with this as a pairing…enjoy!

Ahh…! It’s always a pleasure to enjoy this “lost grape” wine.  Even at 10 years old, this Chilean wine is still holding strong. Perhaps the screw cap did its magic after all.  Red fruit aromas are still intact with a hint of smoke.  Flavors of raspberries, plums, and blackberries seem to be equally balanced. This medium bodied red wine has a bit of leather in there that lingers while the acids are mild. It is a great start to finish wine. Enjoy!

So, how is this seven year old RCV Texas Sangiovese holding up? Like their 2015 Merlot, nothing short of greatness! As the only wine made with grapes not sourced from their estate vineyard, this is a rare and unique jewel to savor. Sourced from Mandola Vineyards of the Texas Hill Country AVA, winegrower Dan McLaughlin came across this fruit as a trade for Touriga National, and oh what a trade that was. He just might have come out on top with this deal. You will need to allow this bottle some time to unpack and relax for a couple of hours to fully appreciate the complexity of flavors it has, so have some patience.  Note that it is unfiltered, so you will be getting all the good stuff and the true essence of this wine (aka sediment). After that first pour, you might wonder how a Texas Sangiovese can have such a deep dark purple hue. That is the magic of estate ruby cabernet skins being co-fermented with the Sangiovese juice.  You may also notice as you pour that initial glass that it is filled with a bold fruity bouquet. And yes, this wine does have a high alcohol content – 15.7% abv!  Sip, swirl, and repeat, then you will be hooked on the massive fruit flavors of deep rich cherries, a bit of plum and rich raisin that this sophisticated beauty has to offer.  The acids are moderate, and the tannins are still holding quite firm.  This wine is still young and that may be a surprise to most Texas wine fans, given its age.  There are still many years left until we see this greatness reach its peak, so save another bottle to enjoy again in a few years. Wowza!

Ah…. Enjoying the classic origin of wine grapes is always a treat. This Georgian dry white wine is crafted from the Mtsvane grape. It has a very light-yellow color and fills the air with aromas of citrus and apricots.  There is a little bit of honey scent on the nose, just before you take that initial sip.  The pleasing flavor of apples dance across the palate with a respectable amount of minerality.  There is a bit of tartness on the finish, but nothing to dissuade you from taking additional sips as you continue to enjoy this light and refreshing old world beauty. This white wine is best enjoyed chilled on a hot summer day and pairs nicely with food and your favorite pool side setting. Enjoy!