This was one of the inaugural wine releases by 7 Creeks Vineyard when they opened. Sourced from Texas High Plains, this vintage underwent cryo-maceration which is reflected in the fabulously smooth flavor and texture of this great red wine.  At five years old, there is a light purple translucence against the backlight.  The red fruit aromas are quite intense.  Those first few sips are equally pleasing with a touch of spice, everything nice and some earthy undertones. With moderate tannins and good acids, this easy drinking Mourvèdre can be paired with a wide variety of great dishes. It is literally so nice and smooth, that it is equally enjoyable on its own as well. Well done 7 Creeks Vineyard. Enjoy!

Coun-what?  You could start with pronouncing it “Coon-wahz” for starters, but once you get the hang of it, your attention will certainly be focused on the wonderful delight this wine has to offer. This Rhône valley grape is doing well in the Texas climate. Traditionally a blending grape, this standalone Counoise will surprise you in many ways. Sourced from Farmhouse Vineyards in the Texas High Plains, the ruby red translucence is such a stunning beauty and an eye catcher. The bright red fruit on the nose is the next pleaser that greets you. Flavors of cranberry and blueberry present initially with that first sip followed by a slight smokiness.  This well-balanced light to medium bodied red wine is refreshing and soothing. This makes it a great option when you want a red, but do not want a super heavy red wine. It pairs nicely with food and light snacks, yet is quite enjoyable as a satisfying wind down sipper on its own – a true delight for your wine soul. If you are unfamiliar with this varietal, you now know where you can locate some in the future. Santé!

This Cabernet Sauvignon proprietor’s blend is quite the treat. Sourced from Livermore Valley AVA, this “young” wine has a surprisingly spicy aromatic nose with the lovely scent of dark cherries. Most will discern raspberry, strawberry, chocolate in the tasting profile and if you wait long enough on that first sip, there is a hint of tobacco on the finish.  Some oak is there as well, but just enough to compliment all the great fruit this wine offers. The acids are exactly right for this full-bodied red wine along with a touch of tartness. Finally, you should appreciate the wonderful tannins and the exceptionally long finish.  Bold and dry, this red cab is certainly a winner.  “Oh, this is really good” will be what you hear being said by those you choose to share this one with. Lovely, lovely red Cab here, so enjoy.  Cheers!

It has been a treat watching these estate vines mature since they were planted in 2014.  It only adds to the anticipation of sipping the wine from that labor of love. This 2017 red blend of 43% Alicante Bouschet, 27% Tannat, 17% Touriga National, 13% Tinta Cao certainly expresses the quality of the estate fruit and great winemaking skills of this talented young team.  Upon the first pour, those bright fruit aromas are quite inviting along with a touch of black pepper. After a sip or two, bright acids enveloped every aspect of your mouth followed by cacao and spices. The blend is quite well balanced, and the lingering finish is equally enticing. Step up and be bold, this is a rare jewel to behold and enjoy. Cheers!

Winemaker Brock Estes has made some wicked and bold Tannat wine with this 2017 vintage. Having some great quality fruit sourced from Reddy Vineyards certainly helped get this deep red wine off to a good start.  After pouring the first glass of this nearly opaque red wine, you immediately smell the blueberry aromas in addition to a bit of pepper. Those bold fruit flavors readily greet you on the first sip along with a melding of chalk and a hint of vanilla. The tannins are at just the right level to allow this lovely wine to pair nicely with a quality fatty dish. Awesome job on this one. Enjoy!

This 2018 Hensell blend of Grenache, Cinsault, and Carignan really characterizes that excellent Provence style dry Rosé we all know and love. The aromatic expression from this lovely wine just fills the room with endless roses.  Try pouring this raspberry color jewel against the backdrop of a late spring sunset to soothe the hard workday nerves.  Upon that initial sip, flavors of strawberry and cherry will envelop your palate only to be equally enticed by surprisingly luscious watermelon notes. Not to be outdone by the great flavors of that first sip, the finish is clean and bright which is just the icing on the cake for this memorable Rosé. Enjoy well and Santé!

It is always a delight to try a Texas 2017! This Texas High Plains sourced fruit from Buena Suerte Vineyards is a testament to that.  When pouring this ruby color wine, those aromas of rose petals really come out along with a touch of citrus.  The cherry and tomato flavors are great plus some noteworthy earthy undertones. It has great acidity, some lingering cigar notes, and a bold impression after every sip. You would think at 15.9% alcohol it would pack a punch, but a good winemaker knows how to craft such high alcohol wine well. Cheers!

Already a fan Teroldego wine?  Then your tastebuds have traveled well! This Italian grape is part of their Reincarnated Collection – rarer and lesser-known grapes that show much promise in Texas. It is certainly the first we have heard that is Texas sourced and bottled for consumers. We find it an absolute delight to try new grape varietals, especially within Texas to sample. So, what is it like?  Let us start off with the beautiful deep ruby red color immediately followed by those fantastic plum aromas on the nose. A good start is always a plus when you open a bottle. This is followed by flavors of blackberry and caramel on the palate, with just a touch of vanilla and some tobacco for extra character.  The bold tannins and high acids demand some serious fatty dishes to be served with this wine. Sounds yummy, right? This Italian varietal has certainly found a new home at Kalasi Cellars and they are making their mark in the ever-growing Texas wine industry. Cin Cin!

British sparkling wines have certainly been getting the “cheers” attention. This bubbly from the UK is a lovely blend of 55% Pinot Noir, 40% Chardonnay, and 5% Pinot Meunier. The fine bubbles intertwined with the pale-yellow color is certainly an eye pleaser, but the impact of rich raspberries and strawberries with a touch of zesty lemon on the nose is quite a delight.  The fresh apple and red fruit notes will provide pleasure to your palate, as well.  With a touch of earthiness and well-balanced acids, this sparkling wine is very pleasant and refreshing. A true delight to sip and enjoy.  Cheers!

Albarino, what can we say? If you have never had one, then you should branch out as now is your time to try it. If you have never been to Pebble Rock Cellars, then you need to plan an outing and visit this boutique winery in Johnson City. This light and refreshing wine is a delightful treat to enjoy with a meal or on its own. With just a touch of lemon zest and grapefruit flavors, it is worth your wine sipping time.  There is just an ever so slight effervescence to this one to tease your taste buds and some subtle honeydew scents on the nose. This refreshing white has a nice clean finish enticing you back for more.  Enjoy!