Located just outside on the east side of Canton, is an upscale Italian themed winery and vineyard. The bistro is located inside a restored barn of the 1800’s. The grounds are set back from the road, with the large winery and bistro facing a small lake. The two story building has a downstairs outdoor patio with fire pits, as well as various chairs sitting under the trees down by the lake to allow visitors to linger with their wines while enjoying the beauty of the season. The look and feel of the inside of the barn sets a pleasant mood from their wine tasting selection. Though the wines are not 100% Ohio grape varietals, many are in the Italian style, with dry deep reds, and well balanced whites. The experience is upscale, yet approachable and welcoming; with very warm service and excellent wines, the menu offers ample opportunity to find something to complement your wine selection or tasting. Don’t forget to stop by the marketplace before leaving to explore their seasonal selections and food offerings worth tucking into gift baskets.