Founded in 2004, this Italian style winery in Texas is making good, affordable wines. Some Texas wine lovers will remember this place as Mandola Winery, which has since been sold. (Not to worry though, the Mandola’s have a restaurant conveniently located next door.) One will first notice the vast vineyards that have been planted at the estate with a wide… variety of grapes. The wine selection is well balanced between white and reds. The majority of the wines are crafted in a dry style, yet there are a few sweeter and dessert wines available in the mix. The Montepulciano should not be missed! An upscale restaurant on the premises has one of the more unique views of the vineyard and the Hill Country. When visiting, sit back under the oak trees at one of the picnic tables with your favorite bottle and enjoy this “piece of Italy” in Texas. “Salute!”