Next time you find yourself traveling to the south Texas coast do yourself a favor and plan to stop at this winery located just outside of Refugio. With four main groups of wines (Braman Legacy, Sparkles, B-10, Fringe Benefits) to choose from, there will almost certainly be something to find that suits your palette. If you decide to taste the full spectrum of win…es, do take the time to stay a spell as you may need the extra time to metabolize what you’ve enjoyed! We can honestly say, we didn’t have one bad one in the bunch and there were a lot to sample. Their reds are fabulous earthy and rich. The sparkling wine was perfect and there is even a mimosa version bottled and ready for you to pick up and take with you. There is even a surprise chocolate dessert option that will make you think of an adult version of chocolate milk. Well worth the trip or detour and worth coming back for more. The lines of wine are currently made in either New Mexico or California, but don’t let that stop you from making a trip to have a sip.