This vineyard has the honorary distinction of being one of the oldest in Texas, specifically number three. Planted in 1979, you will find your favorite selection of quality French style wines. No wi…ne making is rushed here as this place has a reputation for consistently producing some of the oldest releases in Texas. The wine maker has no problems waiting three, four, and maybe even five years before bottling to ensure the winery remains true to the craft of creating wonderful boutique wines. Your taste buds can definitely tell the attention to detail in every big, bold, and complex sip of wine. You may be hard pressed to find a red bottle of wine younger than four years old and you will realize what a difference it makes. One taste from the barrels and you’ll be thoroughly convinced that great tasting wine is served in the afterlife. Lubbock may be one of those super long drives for most Texans to make, but this place makes the trip worth it and more!