Who would of thought in the 1970’s that a couple of professors from Texas Tech would actually try to figure out how to grow grape vines and make wine in the Texas High Plains? Never underestimate the… curiosity of mad scientists and what they can do! As it turns out the long, hot and dry summers and cool nights meld nicely with the well drained sandy loam soil creating the perfect growing environment. These environmental conditions result in a good balance of sugar and acidity levels in the grapes. Today, this winery has established itself as one of the larger premier wine producers in the state. Here, you’ll find almost two dozen or more selections that will please just about the entire spectrum of any Texas wine lover. This place has also helped lay the foundation for Texas viticulture and wine making. The original vines that got things kicked off were actually planted well before the scientists started thinking of wine making and were stumbled upon when road construction was going to take place in the area. Given the uniqueness of the find, a call was made and the rest is history! Who knows who planted the original vines, we only agree that Texas High Plains definitely do produce some of the most outstanding grapes in the state. Eureka…what a discovery!