Whether you go to the tasting room in Dallas or the one in Florence, Texas, you will be introduced to some of the higher quality wines that would please the ancient gods of Olympus. As one of the first peopl…e to plant grapes in Texas during the early 1980s, Dan Gattis has been making boutique and hand-crafted quality wines based on the Palomino and Tempranillo varietals. Serving both red and white wines at their tasting rooms, the reds will certainly be the ones that will make you say “wow” six ways to Sunday! The Tempranillo Reserve and Magellan (Bordeaux Blend) will be the two that stand out the most. The Palomino –Chardonnay white wine is quite unique as it is a white that truly drinks like a red. Put a blindfold on and sip this one, you’ll never guess it’s a white wine! Its unique nectar-like fragrance makes it an enjoyable aromatic and flavorful wine. There are no fancy gimmicks, just straight forward superb premium wine. So, don’t be embarrassed or ashamed to walk out with a case or two after your visit. These are cellar quality wines that will last at least 10+ years or more and make excellent gifts for picky wine lovers.