This upstart winery located south of Navasota shares some unique Texas history with the winemaker’s family, Gary Hahne. With original plans to open in Conroe (didn’t quite work out), Gary found the right piece of property to fulfill his vineyard estate dreams. Some of the first things that you’ll notice on the walls are some photos and articles of President Lyndon Johnson (aka LBJ). It turns out that the Hahnes have a shared history with the LBJ clan in Stonewall. They even helped in the restoration and construction of LBJ’s “White House”. There is untapped history within their LBJ collection that would make any major university jealous and envious and should incite history buffs to stop in for a visit. Their wines have some unique blends that give the winery a personal stamp on Texas wines. The Chardonnay has just a bit of peach wine added to it which helps reduce the “strong” taste that some Chardonnays have. The Sangiovese is mixed with some Lenoir (Black Spanish) and gives a typical Sangiovese more bold and full flavor. He couldn’t quite get away with labeling this one Chianti because of those darn wine naming rules, but it does have similar characteristics. Some Blanc-du-Bois is added to the Riesling that just enhances the flavor and aroma that you’d expect from a Riesling. The Zinfandel is the other wine that is currently offered. Plans are to grow some estate Blanc-du-Bois and Black Spanish grapes. Take a look at the grand master plan that the winemaker has hung on the wall and you’ll see the future of a grande entrance complete with large event building, stages, chapel and more. This will be a jewel to return and visit when all is complete! If you get a chance, plan some time to visit and chat with the winemaker a bit. You might learn some important Texas history while tasting some good Texas wine! He has thought of all of the details, right down to the perfect rooster on the labels (if you know German, you will understand the reference; otherwise, ask about it when you stop by). We’re looking forward to watching this one continue to develop and flourish and wish the winery our best!