This winery is the latest addition to the growing Texas Hill Country “winery” Highway 290. Owner, Nitzan Mendelbaum, has enlisted a well known wine maker of Texas, Dan Gattis of Inwood Estates, to help produce some good tasting wines. Having opened just last November, there are currently seven Mendelbaum red and white wines to select from in addition to the Inwood and Florence Wines available. The owner has put his own unique names to the wines, such as, “Puttin on the Ritz” (Bordeaux-style), “It’s the Berries” (Pinot/Tempranillo), Flatbed Red (Syrah blend), “In the Pink” (Merlot blend), “Hotsy-Totsy” (Chardonnay blend), “Cat’s Meow” (Sweet Riesling), and Sheba. It won’t be hard to pick this winery out among the many along 290 as there is an old Ford Model A flatbed truck with wine barrels in the back with an “Open” banner. You’ll find the tasting room is spacious with lots of tables for various groups as well as two tasting bars on either side of the room. Every winery is different along Highway 290, so check this one out on your next visit to see what they offer and decide which your favorite wine is.