And now for something completely different! Yes wine lovers, Hawaii does produce local wines. This particular one is from the Tedeschi Vineyards on Maui. It is a pineapple fruit wine that is light bodied and refreshing. It has a vibrant passion fruit style scent which will be noticeable on the palate, as well. The wine has that distinct, yet more subtle pineapple flavor. The wine is a nice crisp and slightly sweet variety that is very enjoyable this time of year. Naturally, this should pair well with your favorite fruit or nice light creamy dessert. Serve this at your next blind wine tasting party and see the surprised looks on everyone’s faces when it’s revealed. Don’t worry if after having a glass or two, that you begin feeling like dipping your toes into the surf and sand of Hawaii. With something so delightful from such a beautiful location, that’s completely natural! This is definitely ono!