Since 1998, Sister Creek Vineyards has been perfecting the art of Bordeaux and Burgundy style wines in Texas. Here, you’ll find some of the best red blends in the state. You’ll likely exhaust your wine tasting vocabulary as you describe the sensation of each wine during your tasting session. Yes, they are that good! Don’t be embarrassed if you want to go for round two of a tasting session. Sometimes your palate just needs some more time discerning all of the notes in a wine. The tasting room is located in a restored 1885 Cotton Gin. The building just happens to also be a fantastic place to make and store wine. On occasion, you might find some of their older vintages for sale, by the register. Grab as many as you can! They are worth every penny!! Their wines make great additions to family gatherings, weddings and any celebrations. Trust us, it will be a hit and your guests will enjoy themselves knowing you took great care to choose something this good for the occasion!