Every once in a while, a wine lover will get a rare opportunity to try a winery’s earlier vintages that they had worked on before going “public”. This wine from Perissos is one of their first editions in the wine crafting business. We were told that is was a Cabernet. The taste and aroma comes across more in a Chianti style of wine. Perhaps some Sangiovese may have been used to top off the barrel during aging. It definitely has a strong oak taste with a bold full bodied flavor. Surprisingly, little tannins are noticeable. The oak aroma is quite strong when first opened, but tends to soften as it aerates. This is a fairly good wine and not a bad start to wine making. Do let this air for about an hour before sipping. It definitely goes well with a good steak as the earthiness and heartiness of this red can stand up to some strong flavors. Enjoy and savor the moment with this one!

Perissos Vineyards - Cabernet Sauvignon – 2005