Owners Kenny and Gail Fowler have established a nice winery along one of Austin’s most gorgeous views of Lake Travis – The Oasis! Opened to the public since March 2012, they now have 7 wines of their own available for tasting as well as some from other Texas wineries. The three reds available are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and a Sweet Red. Strangely enough, the less dry and sweeter the reds are the better they taste! From the selection of whites, you’ll get to try there is a good chilled Chardonnay that will suit you well during the hot summer, as well as, a delicious Sweet White that is about 90% Blanc du Bois and 10% peaches. It truly is amazing how much of the peach aroma and flavor translates to your taste buds when sipping this one, so we strongly suggest you buy a few bottles for some cool summer sipping or a different take on mimosas without the fizz. Their other white is 100% Muscat that will go well with some desserts from the Oasis. There is now a Black Cherry wine that is quite tasty as well! This last fruit wine really has a nice bold black cherry flavor and will likewise make a great summer sipper and after dinner drink. The winemaker from the Georgetown Winery has been helping these folks get started. Other wines are in the “vats”, so be on the look-out for some more new wines with unique names on their tasting menu in the future.

LakeView Winery