This delicious off-dry Riesling is a product of the vineyards from the Columbia Valley. It has the aromas and taste of pears, apricot, and apples that one would expect from a good quality Riesling. It is definitely packed with rich fruity flavors yet has just a tad bit of lemony tartness to it. The acidity surprisingly balances out well in this one. There is also a slight effervescence to this wine, so don’t be surprised if you get a few bubbles. It is a well balanced and lovely Riesling that is true to its character and will not let an avid Riesling fan down. This wine pairs easily with a number of different dishes. We also found it very lovely as a substitute for Chardonnay when cooking salmon. Surprise your guests at your next dinner party with this wine and use it as a secret ingredient in some of your recipes and they might be in awe!

Chateau Ste Michelle - Riesling - 2011