Yes, we’re adding a new dimension to our traditional approach to telling you about wines, but we thought if the right products come along that re…ally wow us and are hand crafted by artisans looking to add their mark in offering very cool new products that we likewise believe help compliment a great wine meal, why not venture out and explore a little more territory with you!

What better way to compliment your dinner appetizers than some great tasting olive oil. Many Texas food lovers might have been watching and watching for this store to finally open. Located just north of Dripping Springs, this Olive farm currently has the name to fame as being the only certified organic olive tree farm in Texas. They grow five types of Olive trees: Pendolino, Arbequina, Mission, Coratina, and Leccino. There are about 1900 trees on the 17 acre site. The store currently sells four delicious types of Olive Oil. You can’t go wrong with any one, but do try it with the imported flavored Balsamic vinegars….YUMMMM! You’ll definitely impress your guests serving these olive oils at your next party. They also serve some great Texas wine from Texas wineries, too. So, have a sip of olive oil and wine while you’re there. Guess we couldn’t post this one without at least saying something about wines. After visiting this place, do try some of the local wineries around the Dripping Springs area, because there are a few and they are doing a nice job!

Texas HC Olive Oil