Oh, wow! Made from grapes of Columbia Valley, this sweet Riesling is wonderful! The initial aromas are those of a typical Riesling, but you are surprised when you taste this one. You’ll likely find that you’re tasting more pear than apricot or apple and though it is sweet, it is not syrupy sweet. The acidity and sweetness seems to balance well. Pair this with your favorite berry/ice cream dessert and you have a marvelous combination for your sensory experience. It is a bit more effervescent than one would expect, however it really works nicely with this wine. This wine could easily pass off as a “light” sparkling wine and we highly recommend using this one when you are looking for a sparkling wine to pair with desserts as it simply has a surprisingly champagne like quality with fewer bubbles. You might also try this with your favorite spicy dish. We paired it with a warm blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry sauce over vanilla ice cream and it was sinfully delicious. This is definitely something worth enjoying this time of year. Enjoy!

Chateau Ste Michelle - Dry Riesling - 201