With some award winning wines already under their belt, the proprietors are making a name for themselves as a quality East Texas winery. It’s hard to believe that the vineyard was started just seven years ago, and it was the first for Henderson County. As you drive up to the estate, you’ll notice many lush, green vines lining the hillsides on both sides of the relocated Murchison home. The panoramic views along the estate are spectacular! Wine and vineyard lovers will feel quite at home. They grow Blanc du Bois and Black Spanish varietals on the estate. These grapes set the basis for their estate made white and red wines. Among the additional reds in their selection for tasting, the Stagecoach Red and Gone with the Zin (American Zinfandel) are really great! The Deck Wine represents their blend of estate Blanc du Bois and Black Spanish grapes. The Blanc du Bois is their signature white that imparts a nice refreshing finish. You will be amazed at the selection of wines that are offered at the winery, with many choices to choose from for your tasting. Don’t stop with the tastings when you’re done though because the winery also has a lovely restaurant. We recommend calling ahead for reservations if it’s dinner. If you feel like extending your stay, they have a Bed and Breakfast at the locale. The winemaker is doing an excellent job and we look forward to seeing what new and interesting wines await on our next visit.

Tara Vineyard & Winery