The founder of the estate is demonstrating what it’s like to achieve the American dream. Coming to this country with little money, he chose East Texas as the site for a vineyard and winery. Initial planting started in 1998 and has now grown to 60 acres and 14 varietals. The fruits of his labor have literally grown to become a successful business and a recognized winery and vineyard from East Texas. Both red and white varietals can be found here. As most Texas grape growers know, red grapes other than Black Spanish can be quite a challenge if not near impossible to maintain in East Texas. However, hard work and determination has shown that it can be done. The first vintages came out in 2000. All of the wines available for tasting are well balanced with tannins taking a back seat. There is about an equal selection of dry and sweet to red and white to blush wines. With almost two dozen wines to select from, there is something here for everyone. For the sweet whites, you’ll definitely want to try the White Zinfandel along with your favorite cake dessert. The Kiepersol Vit has a mango aroma that gives it a tropical feel. For dry whites, you can’t go wrong with their Viognier or Semillion. Both are crisp and complex yet easy enough for anyone to enjoy. Syrah lovers will be very pleased with their 2008 and 2007 selections! The most memorable tasting notes for the reds are the 2008 Cabernet and Barrel No 33. For deep bold and dry wine lovers, those two are for you! Don’t forget to save room for the port. It is a tawny style port and….well….wow! We look forward to featuring in more detail these and other wines we picked up from the winery in future blogs. Don’t let the fact that you have to drive through a housing area dissuade you…there really is a lovely winery waiting at the end of the road for you to enjoy. The estate also has a very fine high end restaurant and Bed and Breakfast. This place has a lot to offer its wine lovers. And did we mention the view from the tasting room? You’ll just have to go and check it out for yourself and see! Go early enough in the day to be able to sit and enjoy the spectacular view with your glass of wine.

Kiepersol Estates Winery