This cabernet wine has it all: full body, well balanced, fruit and complex bouquet, and just damn good. The story goes something like this. You open the bottle and deeply inhale the initial strength of the bouquet. Being a patient and disciplined wine lover, you let it breath. In the meantime, you enjoy the aroma in the room as the wine aerates. At the right time, you pour just a tad and swirl the glass as you note its color and texture. Finally, you sip and enjoy all the full flavors that this well aged wine has to offer. The big smile on your face says it all. You go ahead and pour a glass for you and your honey. Next thing you know, what timing, as dinner is ready! Afterwards, your only thoughts are how much more of this wine will you be able to enjoy today and how much if any will you save for tomorrow? Only you know the answer to that question. Seriously, you should try the wines produced by Biltmore. They are well crafted and now available on a broader national scale versus exclusively from their Ashville location. This is a truly bold, full bodied cab with strong tannins yet a lovely clean finish. A fabulous selection for an Italian dinner.

Biltmore Winery - Cabernet Sauvignon – 2000