Central Texas BBQ lovers already know Salt Lick BBQ for their great BBQ. With their own wine labels and vineyard, Salt Lick is making a name for themselves in the wine industry as well. Located next to the BBQ joint, the tasting room blends nicely into the décor. Nothing fancy and nothing odd, as it’s just a good place to sip wine and talk. Across from the tasting room, beyond the parking lot, you’ll notice about 5 acres of vineyards in the country side. More vineyards are located not too far away by Onion Creek. As you step up to the wine bar, you’ll have the option of trying out a number of Texas wines as well as Salt Lick’s own selections. Currently, there will be about 4 or 5 of the wineries own creations you can try depending on availability and vintage releases. Let’s just cut to the chase. Their 2010 Tempranillo is wonderful! Red wine lovers will be very pleased with this one. It’s full of bold strong flavors with a touch of fruitiness to the nose. And yes, it has good legs! The Tempranillo grapes are proving to do quite well in the unpredictable and extreme weather of Central Texas. Among the other reds you might be interested in are Hill Country Blend (Cabernet/Syrah blend with a touch of Sangiovese) and the Ranch Road Red. They also offer a Sparkling wine based on the Chardonnay grape. We look forward to new releases in the future as well as some great BBQ!

Salt Lick Cellars