Long time Texas wine lovers may already be familiar with this established vineyard and winery. It’s one of the best jewels of the Texas Hill Country appellation worth visiting. Its location is quietly tucked away in the “mountainous” parts of Central Texas just south of Canton Lake. The scenery and surroundings of the estate gives one the feel of “the old world.” The loamy clay soil of this three acre estate produces both Blanc du Bois and Black Spanish varietals. Another vineyard just north of Fredericksburg supplies additional grapes for the winery. Owner Lewis Dickson and winemaker Tony Coturri have placed a strong, if not religious, emphasis in natural wine making. They are carving out their own unique niche in the Texas winemaking industry. Nothing is added to these wines, they are unfiltered, and fermented with natural yeast. Aging occurs both in the barrel and bottle before releasing. The results produce true flavors of what Texas Hill Country wines are really all about. Though the establishment has been around for over a decade, the tasting room has only been open to the public since last February. Like the wines, the tasting room is made from natural material of the land (stone, timber, and clay). European travelers will find the room’s resemblance comfortable, warm and very inviting with the “rustic Spanish style meets French country” architecture. It has a very nice and cozy setting. The selection of wines can sometimes vary depending on what the proprietor selects. All wines are made in small batches and only come from the Texas Hill Country Viticulture Area. For this visit, we were treated with Petard Blanc (estate Blanc du Bois). This one will have many true flavors not found at other wineries. Being unfiltered, expect the wine to be cloudy, but don’t let that detour you from your sipping session. The Du Petit Lait is a wonderful blend of Merlot and Black Spanish grapes! Have this one slightly chilled for those hot Texas summer days. We also enjoyed the 2004 Syrah. For a naturally fermented wine, this one has held up quite well with age! Red wine lovers will appreciate its strong, bold and dry character. The 2005 Cohete Rojo is a dry blend of Merlot, Cabernet, Norton, Syrah, Tannat and Viognier. This wine was definitely one of the better dry red blends we’ve tasted using these grapes. The Apres is a fortified Blanc du Bois wine which would give any Muscat dessert wine a run for its money. If you get the chance, do try the Quinta La Cruz. It’s a Black Spanish fortified wine that gives a whole new meaning to port! They have a cellar carved into the limestone for storage of these and many other library wines. The cool cave environment adds a bit more meaning to all natural for this place. The only question when you’re done with your tasting is how many bottles of each you are going to take home. Whatever you decide, either drink them soon at your next wine get together or store them in a quality cellar.

La Cruz de Comal