The latest business to expand along Gruene Road just south of historic Gruene, Texas is a new startup winery that opened in November of 2011. The tasting room is very open and spacious. You could easily hold an event here quite comfortably. The back porch is on the east side of the building where it is much cooler during the hot summer afternoons. On the east side, is a small plot of Black Spanish vines that do add a bit of decoration to the nearby landscape. The Becker’s of Becker Vineyards are helping this winery get off to a good start with some handcrafted wines. Currently, you have two crisp whites to choose from; Comal Springs and Blanco Dulce. The Comal Springs is a Sauvignon/Viognier/Muscato blend and the Blanco Dulce is a Viognier/Chardonnay blend. The Gruene Rosé is a well balanced blend of Mourvedre and Moscato. The Guadalupe Valley Red is a red blend with some Mourvedre, and the not too common Carignan grapes. If you like Syrah blends, than the Texas Red Blend mixes both the Syrah as well as the Petit Syrah. Lastly, their dessert wine blends Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon that has a good full-body with a long finish. Opposite of the wine tasting room and through the breezeway is their beer bar (sometimes referred to as the man cave). Give that place a try too. This can be your one stop shop for both beer and wine lovers alike.

Vineyard Gruene