Texans love their peaches and everything peach. You can rest assured that Weinhof winery makes a delicious peach wine that lives up to that Texan reputation. This lovely fruit wine is not syrupy sweet, but wonderfully scented like a juicy peach. The wine has been “de-fuzzed” of peach skin; yet the scent of it lingers deliciously to get your saliva glands going! The wine is rich and very flavorful. With just one sip, you will be hard pressed not to like this just as much as some Texas Hill Country peach cider. Try mixing it with vanilla ice cream sometime. It will surely give a whole new meaning to peach ice cream! We happened to open this peach wine on a hot January day and loved reminiscing about those warm summer days and peach festival time in the hill country. That helped make things seemed that much cooler!

Weinhof - Peach