This wine has been preserved quite well in the cellar and the time had arrived to enjoy it. Upon opening, you’ll first notice the citrus like aroma. After pouring, there is an ever so light effervescence on the sides of the wine glass. It has both a fruity and floral taste, as well as, an off dry feel. This is not a sweet wine, and we found it a nice alternative to chardonnay. This is one of the “pre-flood” wines from Lost Creek. The flood of 2007 wiped out their original tasting room, wines, and most of the vineyard. We also have their “post-flood” wines and hope to feature those at a future date. Sadly, the Bistro was destroyed by a fire last year. It’s not known when or if the place will reopen, but in the meantime savor their wines and drink with care! Thankfully, neither flood nor fire has stopped this winery from producing nice Texas wines, so we encourage you to get out and try their Blanc du Bois.

Lost Creek - Blanc du Bois - 2005