Just walking these grounds, one can tell that it is ideal for growing grape vines. There is a mixture of alluvial soil, shale, and limestone all in one. Owners Franklin and Bonnie Houser th…ought so as well and turned their family retreat into and vineyard and wine making facility. Like many Texas vineyards of the 1990’s, Pierces disease took their toll on the vines as did floods. But in the true Texas spirit, they picked up their boots and took another stab at it. Now, they have a well establish plot of about 5 acres of Black Spanish vines. In addition to their estate grapes, they also use grapes from California and New Mexico in crafting their fine wines. Production is about 10,000 cases per year and includes dry white, semi-sweet, reds, reserve reds, ports, and sparkling wines. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the taste and quality of their wines. One of the notable whites is the French Colombard. Though this grape may have become overshadowed by the popularity of Chardonnay, they hold their own in taste and quality when compared with their kin grapes. The French Colombard is a tropical aroma with hints of pineapple and citrus along with a fine finish. It has a good minerality as well. Very few places will you find a White-Black Spanish wine. The one made here is mixed with Muscat and has scents of cherries and watermelon with a long lingering taste. The Foot Pressed Red is a “hats off” compliment to their annual grape stomp. You’ll notice the names of all the participants on the back of the bottle. This is one of the few Texas wineries making a Petit Verdot. Usually, you’ll find this grape used in a blend, but this stand alone Petit Verdot wine is excellent! Of course, they also do an excellent job and will make any Texan proud with their traditional and delicious Black Spanish. Their well fortified Black Spanish ports will be a great way to bring in the next New Year as well as their Sparkling Wines. One Sparkling wine is an all French Colombard and the other is blended with Muscat in addition to French Colombard. The winery and vineyard are nestled away in a little valley, along a very scenic hill country road. It is an ideal place to just hang out with your fellow wine buddies and enjoy some of the Central Texas scenery and sunsets. Don’t forget to try one of their frozen Sangrias while you’re here, too.

Dry Comal Creek Vineyards