Haven’t heard of Ancellotta wine before? Then you will be pleasantly surprised. This strong fruit forward aromatic red wine from Brazil pairs well with hearty meat dishes. It is well balanced with a medium finish. There is some earthiness to the taste, yet the tannins aren’t overpowering. Little oak is noticeable in this well aged wine. The grapes remind you of Cabernet Sauvignon, and impart a nice rich depth. Hold up a glass to the light and you’ll notice its unique and intense red coloring. Cabernet Sauvignon wine lovers would be pleased with this wine as with most hard-core red wine drinkers. The beauty of this wine is that it hits the sweet spot for most red wine drinkers, as this is not too oaky or tannic, not acidic, not too dry and has a great depth to the fruit flavor. It’s a real winner and we highly recommend you seek this one out to try and put in your cellar. Why have another Cabernet Sauvignon, if you can try something new?

Don Guerino - Ancellotta - 2007