A warm welcome to one of the newest Texas Hill Country wineries!  Located where it can sometimes be considered the “edge” of the Hill Country, this small family run winery has been in business just over a year (Nov 2011), but is quickly making a name for itself as a winery destination along I-10.  Founders, Jeanie Brosius and Joe King, have had their long vision of making wines come true. Don Pullum has helped out as their wine maker. Many of you may recognize him as the wine maker from Sandstone cellars.  The winery released their first vintages in 2010 and they also have 2011’s currently available.  The one white, 2010 Bland du Bois, is a semi-sweet wine suitable for an afternoon treat. The three 2010 reds, Malbec, Lenoir (aka Black Spanish), and Petite Sirah represent a diverse palate of bold reds.  They all demonstrate the desire for the winery to provide an interesting array of options for customers to enjoy. The current 2011s (all red) are Ruby Cabernet (medal winner), Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc (medal winner), and Sangiovese.  Most Texas wine drinkers know that the 2011s are a good year for quality grapes due to the drought, yet lean on the volume that could be harvested that year. The first two cabs are deep reds with strong finishes. The Cabernet Franc is well balanced with little tannins.  The Sangiovese has a deep purple color and is soft, yet full bodied. The tasting room is expertly arranged for you to come, sit a while, and enjoy the wines and hopefully try something from their Bistro as well, where things are made onsite for your dining pleasure. Come hungry and thirsty and you will be taken care of and treated well!  The inside décor of their tasting room has a Tuscan feel, and is quit spacious with high ceilings.  There is a window through which you can observe their wine making area.  We’re not sure if they are the first, but definitely the most notable when it comes to a sustainable winery.  The building is equipped with rain barrels, solar panels, insulated panels, and wind generators.   Perhaps a “green” wine should be made!  This might be a long travel for most, but it is well worth the visit. The hosts are most hospitable and very happy to chat and visit with you about their wines and offer suggestions on Bistro items that might pair nicely with your selections. Come on out, bring some friends, sit a while and enjoy!

Junction Rivers Winery