This sweet cabernet packs quite a strong punch to the nose at first. It has ruby red color with cloudy opaque textures. It’s not as sweet as you may think, perhaps due in part to the particular age of this bottle, yet it bursts forward with full, berry fruit flavors from the onset. There is a tannin presence to the initial taste however it does not linger very long. Notes of cherry linger on the tongue. After a few more sips, you will begin to notice that the vines for this wine may have initially been a bit young. Aging as helped overcome its relative young introduction. The alcohol content is at 15%, but not to the point that it would taste like a strong well fortified port style wine. Do let it breathe naturally before sipping. Using an aerator will just not suffice. Try it chilled and compare notes from the first sipping session. We found the wine to be even better served chilled. You might be surprised what you’ll discover!

Brushy Creek - Cab Sav Sweet - 2003