Located not too far from Washington-on-the-Brazos, this winey has a variety of wine selections as well as good panoramic views of the surrounding country side. Owner Billy Cox started off with equipment from the former Lehmberg Winery in Giddings, Texas and the rest has been history in the making ever since for this entrepreneur. The winery first opened in August of 2009, with just a few types of some great wines. I think we still have a bottle of Cabriolo in the cellar. We were fortunate to have stopped by at the right time to try their first public releases during our pre-blogging wino days. Today, they have a wide selection of red and white wines ranging from dry to sweet varieties. For $10, you can choose five of the wines available for tasting. Grapes for their wines come from Texas, California, and Washington. They do have their own vineyard which was planted in 2009, but the person who greeted us that day didn’t know when those vines would be wine harvest ready. This winery is also located on the Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail. Not only is that a good trail for Texas wineries in the area, but you can also get the added benefit of checking out some of the beautiful countryside scenery and important historical areas in the state. Take your time when you come visit here, things move slower and there is no need to rush on these back country roads. Life is a journey…enjoy the wine trail ride!

Retreat Hill Winery