Central Texas wine lovers have been hearing a lot about new wineries coming “online” in the next several months. One of them is Pontotoc Vineyard and although they are not officially opened yet, we were able to acquire some bottles and decided to try one out. This estate grown 100% Tempranillo wine is already a medal winner at the Houston Rodeo & Finger Lakes International Wine Competition. It’s smoky with a medium body, but lacked a good finish when first sipped after opening. However after it aerates, the flavors do become more complex the longer it breathes. Subtle tannins are noticeable with this release, but, they are not overpowering, so for those who don’t like their wines overly tannic, this should still be a fine option. Overall, it was enjoyable and not a bad wine for a first release. It has the potential to age well in the cellar. We’ll keep the other bottle in the cellar and compare notes when it is opened several years from now. So, stay tuned and in the mean time, enjoy some wine and plan to check out this winery once they open their tasting room officially this coming October.

Pontotoc Vineyard - Tempranillo – 2011