Wow!  Three years under our wine belt and still going strong.  It seems like so much has happened since the beginning.  We still have great memories of our first posting on Bending Branch Winery.  Their Tannat wines were just awesome, to say the least.  We’ve stopped by a couple times since then and are very impressed how their quality and selection has grown!   The smaller boutique wineries tend to have that special quality that you don’t always get in larger production facilities.  There just seems to be that personal touch that everyday wine lovers appreciate.  Many of these boutique wineries are seeing higher demand for their wine which in turn puts more pressure to ramp up production (and price).  Hopefully, they can still keep their small hand crafted country charm as they compete with the big boys.  By far, we have been quite smitten with the smaller boutiques as they continue to bring such high quality options to the tasting room, offering different varietals for us to continue expanding our wine repertoire. On a different note, we can also report some exciting and big news!   One of us is now a certified Viticulturist. Guess that makes us a little more “educated” when talking about vineyards and grapes.  As the fall harvest season approaches we are evaluating our options and offers to help bring in this year’s bounty (we work for wine, too).  We are looking forward to some more great harvest adventures.  Looks like we’ll also have a few special treats to post over the next year, including some hard to find and great tasting 10+ year old wine.   Hold on to your wine glass, because there is still yet a lot more to pour on this blog!  Cheers!!