The tasting room is located at one of Grapevine’s oldest farmsteads built in 1870’s. It is also the oldest home north of town with classic Victorian architecture and surrounded by old oak and pecan trees.  The place may be different than most wineries in and around Grapevine, but you’ll definitely love the unique character it has to offer.  The winery itself serves both Cross Timbers and some other Texas wines, as well as wines from Mexico.  It was opened in 2000 and is owned by Don Bigbie.  There are four whites and four reds to choose from for tasting under the Cross Timbers label.  Their grapes are sourced from the Texas High Plains and the wines are all quite good and will pair well with the cheese and cracker plates they have available.  A special treat that you will get here are wines from one of the oldest wineries in North America – Casa Madero, Mexico!  The Casa Madero wines have that classic deep, rich, full body flavor for red wines.  You may come here for Texas wines, but don’t be surprised if you walk out with a few Casa Madero wines, too! This winery also serves some lovely sparkling wines, though they are not available for tasting, they are available for purchase. This is a delightfully intimate small venue that is a lovely spot to stop in and get away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Grapevine crowds and just relax with a glass of wine and some company. Expand your wine horizons and step out and try something new by sampling some of Texas’ and Mexico’s wines here.

IMG_2889 - Cross Timbers