Nestled off of the main road just north of town, is a tasting room that specializes in fruit infused wines.  You name it, they’ve likely infused it!  Partners Don and Debbie Parker as well as John Czakowski opened this shop about five years ago.  They have a wide selection of wines that can be a bit overwhelming to choose from at first.  But have no fear as their friendly hospitality can help you make a good selection.  Their grapes and juices are sourced from a select group of locals from across the world.  Most of the fruit used in the fruit infused wines come from California.  Just looking at the bottles you’ll notice that many are sourced from the Americas (North & South).    For a mere $2, you have the choice of selecting four wines for tasting.  There is a good assortment to choose from to suit most palates.  They are especially known for their award winning fruit infused wines.  While not an uncommon technique, it takes a bit of art and science to get just the right balance so that the fruit doesn’t overpower the wine and the grape taste just doesn’t fizzle out.  They seemed to have accomplished the right balance.  We didn’t come across a bad one during our tasting. By the way, the Strawberry Riesling impressed us a lot! We found it better than the Strawberry wines we have tried thus far. This is a worthwhile place to stop and sip next time you’re in Guene.