We had previously posted our thoughts on Pontotoc’s Tempranillo wine back in early July.  This is one of their red blends from their yet to be opened winery.  It has just about every red grape found in many Texas wines with a bit of Carignane, as well.  The official composition list is: 27% Cabernet Franc, 26% Sangiovese, 16% Mourvedere, 14% Cabernet Sauvignon, 7% Carignane, 6% Tempranillo, 3% Grenache, and 1% Syrah.  Shall we call this one, L’Évier? We aerated this one and let it breathe about 20 minutes before sipping.  We found this one to be a smooth drinking wine that is fairly well balanced considering how many grapes were combined to create this “brew”.  The initial aromas are quite lovely with hints of cherry and raspberry and just a tad bit of smokiness. For those who favor rich red wine blends, this is a lovely wine that is extremely smooth and very easy to drink. We strongly suggest you try it or buy to take to that next dinner party you’re invited to, as this one will be much appreciated. Not bad for a young wine either. We have another bottle in the cellar and will give it a try a few years down the road.  The complexities have potential to continue to meld well with age.  In hindsight, it would have been interesting to use a decanter with this one instead and see what differences arose.  Like its Tempranillo sister wine, this one has won awards from the 2013 Finger Lakes, Houston Rodeo, and San Francisco Chronicle International competitions.  We’ve also heard that there is a third wine they bottled, yet have been unable to locate any bottles. Guess we may have been too late to score any of those. If anyone one knows where or would like to share with us a bottle, we would be happy to give our 2-cents on it. Latest winery rumors are that they plan to open in 2014 now instead of this fall, but you never know, something could still change.

IMG_3017 - Pontotoc - San Fernando Academy – 2011