With two years under their belt, this small boutique winery south of College Station is producing some fine local wine.  Don’t let the name fool you, this isn’t a place that only deals in peach or fruit wines. They have vineyards planted. Ken and Donna Stolpman are the owners and took a stab and planted grapes back in 2008.  Upon the grand entrance to their estate, you’ll notice the large overhanging sign with the winery name arched on top.  After entering the gate, you’ll notice rows and rows of grapes in the vineyard lining the country side.  We especially liked the initial “warning” sign that this is a stress free environment!  Most of the vines planted are Lenoir, Muscadine, Lomanto and Noble varieties – about five acres in all.  These grapes do quite well in this part of Texas.  There is a large covered area for larger wine gatherings.  Inside, you can pull up a chair to the closest barrel and start your tasting session.  There are five whites and five reds to choose from.  With eye-catching names like Bodacious, Fireside, and Rudy’s Red, you’ll surely find something on the wine list to tempt you. The mixed cabernet reds were quite good.  The in-tuned wine lover will notice the Chambourcin wine available (not too commonly found in Texas).  Their smooth tasting and semi sweet white wines are quite good, too.  If you get a chance, you should also try the Ruby Red dessert wine.  It’s chocolate and almond sweetness might make you crave for more and you should appreciate the reduced calorie way to get both your wine and chocolate fix in one glass.  Although they are located a bit further out of town in the “sticks”, you can still here that aggie yell during football games.  Just keep drinking some good wine they have and enjoy the company as you relax lingering in the tasting room or enjoying their outdoor seating on their porch or covered patio area.

IMG_3018 - Peach Creek Vineyards