“Oh my!”  Those will be the first thoughts that pop into our heads when we sipped this wine.  As one of the early wines for this winery, one can appreciate the quality and how it impressed those first visitors.  Made primarily of Sangiovese grapes, this wine is also blended with other varietals as well.  The result is a very smooth and pleasant wine.  You’ll notice a touch of sweetness, but it’s just on the edge of being considered a sweet wine.  The balance between the sugars and acids is very nicely done. The bright red color is an eye catcher and the cherry and strawberry flavors are notable after the first few sips.  It is a luscious fruit forward selection that is very nicely balanced. This wine pairs well with spicy foods, but can stand on its own as an after dinner treat too. It’s not common to find such a good quality red wine that is suitable for any drinking mood; however, we find this one very versatile.  Either way, you’ll likely find a reason to say, “Just pour me a little bit more”. This is one of the original wine bottles from what was once the Mandola winery. We only wish we would have bought more! Now it is Duchman Family Winery, which is still a very cool place to visit if you get a chance.

IMG_3022 - Mandola Winery - Canto Felice - NV