As far as we know, this is the first winery to take a stab at making this single varietal wine in Texas.  Boy, have they done a terrific job!  Quite honestly, we think this wine could blow the cork (aka socks) off of any highly sought after wine.  It’s so good and not too common varietal, we were debating whether to keep this one a secret or not.  But what the heck, great wine like this should be shared and appreciated by all!  Many of you have probably come across wines with fabulous aromas that you just love. Well, this is one of those wines.  Seriously, just keep inhaling the lovely aromas and studying the color in the glass as you begin to appreciate all it has to offer. It’s ok… don’t be embarrassed because it only psyches you up for the tasting part.  But before you do, take a moment to notice the deep purple color and give it a good swirl.  Tasting it will make you a believer in the Elysium Fields.  Soft tannins are noticeable, while big ripe black cherry and berry fruit dances across your taste buds. Happy mature grapes gladly gave themselves for this wine!  The flavors pack everything from earthy to berries to tobacco and more.  This wine has a lower acidity and a very deep purple hue with lovely spice notes.  Graciano is not found much outside of Spain.  It is a low yielding fruit, but has potential and promise to be a good varietal for Texas.  We heard another release may be coming in December of 2012.  We might have to drive over the river and through the woods for more of this one!  Cheers!!



IMG_3076 - Alamosa - Graciano - 2010