Past the cow farms, old windmills, along an uneven dirt road and into a former dairy barn is a winery in South Texas that has been making some mighty fine fruit wines for the past 16 years.  The founding owners, Jim Collums and Bob Denson, may have come at wine making in this part of Texas from different directions, but their interactions with the Poteet Strawberry Festival helped spawn a new beginning in their Texas lives.  The wines available may vary a bit based on supply and demand, however the lineup typically includes Strawberry, Mustang, Blackberry, and Peach wine.  You won’t find any fructose in these wines either. The fruit is local and the taste is as big as Texas! There is a Strawberry/Mustang blend that is well balanced and has a lovely flavor profile.  Sometimes mustang grape wines can be a bit ”harsh”, but the strawberry blend helps highlight the best flavors of both. The mustang grapes grow wild locally and are used for the wine. The reserve Blackberry and Strawberry wines are really good and are made using the ice wine method which yields a rich intense flavor. This winery demonstrates that you can make some fine fruit wines in the state. The tasting room is interesting, rustic and has staff that makes you feel warm and welcomed.  It’s a nice South Texas country feeling down here, so come have a sip!

IMG_3067 - Poteet Country Winery