Many wine lovers would agree that there’s nothing like a well aged red wine to make your day.  Fortunately, this wine is no dud.  This red wine vintage is a blend of Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon (64/36).  The color has held up quite well over the years.  Little color separation is noticeable.  The peppery and smoky aromas will entice your taste buds for some intense flavors to come.  Boy, are they intense!  The mixture of oak and smokiness lingers longer than expected which gives a whole new meaning to a fine finish.  The tannins have balanced well over the years making you, perhaps, smacking your tongue for more, yet they are smooth and soft.  This is a big, bold, full bodied red. Nothing less than a good chunk of red meat should be paired with this wine.  You may notice the name on the bottle is a little different than the winery name.  They were Lone Oak before renaming to Lost Oak (someone else grabbed the first name).  Make sure you get that big red wine glass out and fill it full.  There’s no sense in keeping leftovers for the next day.  This wine was made to be enjoyed all evening long!

IMG_3113 - Lost Oak Winery - Red Roan