Named, “Hibiscus” Rose of Syrah, this wine is not only a fine addition to have in your collection, but also a special treat to enjoy with friends. The wine is made from estate grown grapes and the vineyard is located in the San Pasqual Valley. It has a wonderful, uniform and solid rose color that is about as perfect as can be. The beautiful and exotic aromas are pleasantly enticing.   After the first few sips, it tastes like a perfectly rich fully ripened apple, with a bright sweet fruit flavor followed by just a hint of tart crispness.  The tasting profile encompasses full fruity flavors and a slight tartness towards the end, hence the nod to how a perfect apple tastes.  You may be kicking yourself for not buying more bottles when you were there, but your taste buds will be happy enjoying this beautiful wine you do have.  Enjoy!

IMG_3142 - Orfila Vineyards - Rose of Syrah  - 2007