There’s been a honey farm located here since 2001.  For the last two years, a winery…or meadery…has been producing some great quality meads from local honey of the Walker Honey Farm.  Owned by Janice and Clint Walker, they currently serve three varieties of meads from dry to traditional sweet. The semi-sweet mead is lightly oaked and quite delicious.  In addition, they also make melomel  (meads with fruit).  You’ll have quite a selection of fruit flavors to choose from raspberry to citrus, to apple and blackberry.  All of their melomels are very good.  Depending on the time of year, they also carry specialty meads.  During this stop they had a cranberry/orange mead (Merry Texmas) which tasted similar to a classic Christmas cuvee.   Also, there was a spiced apple mead call Mulled Harvest which was quite tasty and fitting for this time of year. If you want an extra special mead, then do try the Metheglin named The Beered One.  Made with honey & hops, it pours and looks like wine, but smells and tastes like beer.  It was new for us, but quite a nice surprise. So, give it a try!  The grape wine lovers have not been left out at this place.  They also make a Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, White Blend, and Chardonnay.  For the grape wines, they currently purchase juices from other wineries to make their wine, because they are currently waiting on their vineyard to mature.  On their plot, they have planted Black Spanish and Blanc du Bois which they hope to use as a source to make their own wines in the near future.  Any mead lover would love this place for sure.  And for grape wine lovers who just haven’t developed a taste for mead, this place may be the one to finally try out.  Honey varietals can change from year to year depending on the flowers bees visit. So check back yearly and you’ll likely get something tasting different even with the same name…kind of like grapes!   By the way, they do have some great tasting honey for sale too! This place makes a great stop to try out something new and likewise do some holiday shopping for gifts.

IMG_3091 - Dancing Bee