This estate bottled wine is from an occasional older vintage collection that you may find available from the winery.  Grapes were sourced from the LD3 Ranch Vineyard (Texas Hill Country) using three to four year old Syrah vines.   The strong aromas may make your eyes pop out after first opening the bottle, but hey, it’s a 10 year old wine!  The color seems to have held up well and was a bit more opaque than expected.  Make sure you have a well cleansed palate before tasting.  It definitely has a string peppery taste that will stick around for a bit.  The acidity is on the high end, as well.  Not bad for this old gal.  No sense in saving some for the next day, but there is plenty in the bottle for during and after meal enjoyment.

IMG_3943 - La Cruz de Comal - Syrah - 2004