This wine gives a whole new meaning to tart lemonade!  It is a white wine with lemon and packs quite a smart punch to the newbie.  It has some stronger sour notes to it and can be a bit too much alone for most taste buds.  However, it does make a great mixer as an icy lemon slush or with ice cream.   Other mixes to try would be 50/50 mix with a good white sweet white wine, perhaps with your favorite muscat wine.  If you’re looking for a new twist to lemon chicken, try it as a cooking wine….but a bit will do or you can use this to help marinade. Don’t forget baking as well, as we used this for some Lemon Pound Cake as well, which turned out nicely. This wine has many surprisingly wide varieties of uses from mixed drinks, desserts, and cooking.  So, check it out and don’t be afraid to experiment with something totally new to you.  Who knows what new famous concoction you could come up with?

IMG_3947 - Sugar Ridge Winery - Sunshine Lemon -NV