This small family owned winery has been opened since 2000 and have been cranking out Texas wines every since.  Founded by Mac and Maureen McReynolds, their winemaking beginnings actually started off in California.  After visiting, learning, and working at various wineries,  they purchased their own five acre estate in 1989 and thus began their small part in the Texas wine making pioneer history.  They have had some success with their own personal vintages in the 1990’s as medal winners before opening.  The tasting room is located in a decorative small log cabin style home.  With views of their surrounding vineyard, it makes a peaceful place to sip and relax.   Earlier visitors may remember their tasting room located in the metal frame building which is used to produce their wines.  Today, you can sample four wines when you visit the tasting room plus you get to take your glass with you as a souvenir.  Their Sauvignon Blanc is sourced from California and is a smooth and enjoyable wine that can be paired with food or enjoyed on its own. They have a ten year old Merlot (2004) made from grapes sourced in the Hill Country.  Keep in mind, a wine that old may be a bit “strong” for some as this is not overly oaked, yet has some acidity to it. They have a 2008 Syrah made with Washington grapes – “steak material” wine.  Lastly, is their red blend made from estate Ruby Cabernet, Syrah, and Sangiovese varietals.  The folks here are pretty cool and enjoy chatting with you when you stop in to enjoy a glass. Say hello to Sangria when you step in, too, who is the official wine dog who likes to lay in front of the doorway.  She may give you the official sniff inspection when you come in, but it’s just her way to happily greet you.

IMAG0897 - McReynolds Winery