The Black light illumination of the label is a great eye catcher and it gives a whole new meaning to artistry in wine label designs. The craftsmanship of the wine is as equally impressive for this newer winery. The Syrah/Mourvedre blend (71/29) is just delicious! No fancy terms are needed to describe this wine. It just has that great overall mouth feel of a good quality wine, with medium body, some acidity and a nice slightly oaked taste to this dry red. Though the oaked “woodsy” taste comes through initially when you sip this wine, when paired with food those notes fade as the wine pairs nicely with a wide variety of dishes. This wine also has the potential to age well over the next few years. Stay tuned to this wine channel when we open that second bottle at some point in the future! Fly Gap has hit a home run right out of the box, so we’re looking forward to more great offerings from this winery in years to come.

IMG_4135 - Fly Gap Winery - Dank Lights Out - 2012