It’s always a pleasure to feature an early startup winery’s work. One gets to see how the wine maker’s first style of vision is. This first release from the “year of hell” (a.k.a. Texas 2011 drought) has yielded some of the best fruit for the state of Texas. First impressions really are a big deal in the industry and this wine will put a big smile on your mouth via your taste buds! By no means is this your stereotypical “mellow” Merlot. While the aroma and flavor are similar, it is a bit more dry with some stronger tannins than most, yet, it is still light bodied. It also has hints of  dark cherry and vanilla. The slight acidity pairs nicely with heavier meals like an Italian sausage dish. Be careful though, you may finish the whole bottle in one sitting! No worries, when we tasted them we were wise to by a few extra bottles, and you should too. Keep a few of these bottles around and try them out over the years at your favorite Texas Hill Country spot with friends and family and enjoy the richness of both the Texas scenery and the lovely wine from this region. Cheers!

IMG_4211 - Compass Rose Cellars - Merlot - 2011