Yes, Austin folks!  There is a quality winery in the state’s capital city that’s worth your sipping time.  Having just opened up over a month ago, this very small urban winery has the potential to be a big hit in the Austin scene.  The three young entrepreneurs Cooper Anderson, Matthew Smith and Ross McLauchlan have started with an initial small batch of wines sourced from various west coast and Texas terroirs.  Everything in a wine that a good wine fan expects is here in the lineup, from crisp whites to deep bold reds.  Current wines available for tasting are made from grapes chiefly sourced from California.  The Sauvignon Blanc from Lodi is a very nice crisp dry white that you’ll enjoy.  The Russian River Valley Chardonnay puts the “B” in buttery flavor and despite its long oak aging, it’s not an “oak wine”.  The three Pinot Noirs from different areas provide the opportunity to sample the influence and subtle variations of various west coast terroir on a single varietal.  The Pinot Noir from Sonoma County comes across quite fruity like a Cabernet Sauvignon.  The Russian River Valley Pinot Noir is quite bold and favorable.  Finally, the Santa Lucia Pinot Noir is just plain awesome.  Who knew one could enjoy such quality and variety of notes of Pinot Noirs in one sitting at the same winery.  But don’t stop there! Their Violent Crown is a Grenache/Syrah blend(80/20) that puts the “w” in wow.  Sadly, the source for the Grenache in this vintage is no longer available, so keep a few of these around and enjoy over time.  Lastly, you’ll get to sip the tasty old vine Zinfandel from Shenandoah Valley.  Stay tuned to this blog channel and we’ll be able to go more in depth on each wine in the future.  At the time of this visit, the Texas wines weren’t ready to be bottled, but should be soon.  Do take note of the unique art work with the labels.  They help tell a story with each wine.  These label art work are worth framing and displaying in your post-opened bottle room.  They are currently open on Saturdays as well as by appointment.  Give this new local winery a tour on your next wine adventure. It’s a cool place to visit, along with Austin!

IMAG1010 - The Austin Winery