Another year of good wine, great wineries, and cool folks!  Every winery we visit has its own unique story to tell and style to their wines.  Of course, every bottle of wine is a unique experience in of itself!  After four years, it looks like we’ve finally reached a sustainable pace for wine & winery blogging.  Plus, there are the real jobs behind the scenes to manage, as well. 🙂

Leading up to our four year anniversary, we’ve done a painstaking inventory of our wine collection.  There are 579 bottles and growing…. that we know of.  Plus, there are a few dozen bottles on the counter yet to be inventoried.  Then, there are those mysterious bottles that just happen to be discovered….tucked away in some closet that is seldom used.    Maybe we should just turn our house into one big wine cellar!  In any case, there are plenty of good wines in stock to sip and yap about for a long time to come.  Not to mentioned, the ever increasing number of wineries to visit, especially in Texas.

So sit back, open up your favorite bottle of wine and enjoy our postings as we enjoy each sip together and discover new interesting wineries, vintages, varietals and people shaping this industry and putting their own unique mark and product out there for us all to enjoy!  Tune in soon…same wine-time….same wine-channel.  Cheers!