Having Just opened last Memorial Day weekend, the newest winery on the Texas Hill Country Winery Trail, HWY 290, is not only an eye catcher with its name, but also a cool place to just hang out and shoot the breeze with some good wine.  Owners Gail and Jennie McCulloch have put their own unique Texas style stamp on the decor with a moonshine still out front, installed silo style restrooms, used pickup tailgates to fashion benches and parked a replica of the General Lee hot rod out front.  Both the inside and the back patio have ample room for seating and sipping.  They use all Texas grapes for their wines.  The folks at Texas Custom Wine Works are assisting with the wine making. There are currently four wines to try. The whites are all made in stainless steel.  Both dry and sweet ones are made from the same blend: Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Chardonnay.  If you’re a crisp white wine drinker, then the first dry white you’ll like. The same goes for the dry and sweet red, they have the same blend of grapes with different sweetness: Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Franc.  The sweet red has a very nice  “jammy” taste to it.  We were told that peach and watermelon wines are on the way soon.  Future plans are to have a vineyard on site.  Besides the wine, they have a number of cool items in the shop for sale made by  Jennie and friends.  Do check out the bug guards for your wine glass with some clever and catchy verses. It’s worth the stop, even if it is just to say you’ve been to the “Fat Ass Winery” down the road!

IMG_4251 - Fat Ass Ranch and Winery