Dry…peppery…smoky….leathery…plus an awesome finish – what more could you ask for in a well aged red wine?  Time has blessed this bottle many times over.  To say it’s superb is not enough! There just aren’t enough words or the right words in the English language to adequately describe this great piece of work.  Your nose and taste buds will thank you for this one. This was one of the first releases by Don Pullum.  Aged 10 months in Pennsylvanian oak, it was co-fermented with some Grenache (%12), Primitivo (%7), and a tad bit of Mourvedre.  Tasting this wine in 2008 was good, but who knew that waiting six more years would still bring such joy and prove it was made to age fabulously?  It was well worth the wait.  The wine showed no signs of deterioration and could have possibly still been good in another five years.  The cork was in great shape, too.   Bill Worrell’s art work on the label is also a nice touch that adds to the uniqueness of the wine.  Pair this Syrah with a juicy sirloin steak and some nice grilled veggies and you are relishing nature’s bounty. Enjoy & Cheers!

IMG_4268 - Sandstone Cellars - Syrah - 2004